Atos readies army for Euro Open; Galvão may return

Team Atos in Rio Claro

The team headed by Ramon Lemos is training full blast at the “Cauldron” in Rio Claro, Brazil, for the European Open, to take place January 27 in Lisbon. The casualty on the roster is Guto Campos but, even so, he is contributing by helping to train the team.

“Durinho will be a lightweight; at featherweight we’re taking four: me, my brother Guilherme, Bruno Frazatto, and Eduardo Ramos; Ary Farias will be at light featherweight; Claudio Calasans, middleweight; and Vitor Toledo is in at heavyweight,” reports Rafael mendes.

“After the European Open we’ll hold a training camp in the United States one month before the Pan and World Pro. We’ll train at André Galvão’s academy in San Diego. He’ll probably compete this year; he said he’d compete if we all trained together, and we accepted right away (laughs)!”

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