Andrew Wiltse Shows The Fastest BJJ Knee Slice Pass Ever

If you’ve been watching high level BJJ competition matches for a while, you’ve probably seen that a lot of the top ranking jiujiteiros frequently change directions when they guard pass, going left-right-left-right-left… Until they finally execute the pass. But, why do they do this?
Andrew Wiltse– and the details that you can use to make this principle work for you.

Are you an explosive and fast BJJ practitioner? Then the following style of Knee Slice passing will be of great use to you!

Andrew Wiltse demonstrates it on the video below:

Destroy open guards with Andrew Wiltse’s signature buzzsaw passing system that anyone can use to start smashing and slicing through bottom players.

  • Shut down the reverse De La Riva and traditional De La Riva as Andrew shows you grip fighting and positioning concepts to stay safe and control the fight while you set up passes.
  • Use knee cuts, toreando, x-pass, leg weaves, and more for a comprehensive passing system that works together in the system Andrew shows.

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