A Workout Challenge for You

This week I added a new article to the Grapplearts library called The Drills of Shaolin. In this article renowned BJJ and MMA fighter Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro show four of his favorite drills that he uses for conditioning and sport-specific skill development.

Now 95% of people who read this article are going to look at it, think that this is sort of cool stuff, and then let the material fade from memory. I am urging readers of this newsletter to actually try doing a very specific workout and see how it feels.

Here’s my challenge:

Get a willing partner and spend a couple of minutes fooling around with each drill, just so you have the body mechanics down. This will make it harder to cheat when you actually start training.

Now take the first drill (the swinging armbar) and do it AS FAST AS YOU CAN for 40 seconds. Your partner watches the clock so that you don’t have think about anything else other than armbars and how tired you are. When you are done, switch top and bottom positions (no resting) and your partner does his 40 second sprint. Switch positions and repeat until you have each done the exercise three times

Now immediately go on to the other exercises (kneemount drill, top armbar drill and guard passing drill). You and your partner each do 3 sets of 40 seconds for each exercise. Try to keep your movements FAST AND LIGHT from beginning to end, and don’t rest between techniques or between sets.

The whole workout is just over 16 minutes long, with ‘only’ about 8 minutes of work for each partner: sounds easy doesn’t it? Give it a try and see!!

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