A Roadmap for BJJ – This Book Now Available on Kindle

I’ve just taken my BJJ Manifesto – A Roadmap for BJJ – and turned it into a Kindle book!  So now you can take it with you on your Kindle device, or using the Kindle app for your smartphones and tablets (which is how I consume most of my digital book content).

The Roadmap for BJJ book is the most concentrated approach to learning the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I can give you.  In the book you’ll get

  • A strategy that tells you exactly what you should be doing next when you’re on the mat, regardless of whether you’re rolling with friends or competing a big tournament
  • The six most important positions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to dominate your opponents
  • What the next techniques you should learn are
  • The highest percentage submissions and escapes for each position
  • How to avoid asking stupid questions in class.
  • How to maximize your training time
  • Tips for avoiding injuries on the mat
  • Illustrations, photos, and links that’ll help you learn BJJ as fast as possible

So if you’ve got any kind of smartphone, tablet or Kindle device I think you might want to consider grabbing it right now…

Click here to download the Roadmap for BJJ on right now.

flags of the world

For my international readers, here are links to the same book in the other Kindle stores…

Two more things…

1) If you already have a Kindle device then you’re obviously covered.  But if you want to read it on your phone or tablet then click here to download the Kindle app for Apple devices and/or click here for Android devices.  This is a free app to install and doesn’t cost you anything…

2) If you like the book and could take the time to give me a quick rating and a review within Amazon I would be ever so grateful.  That kind of stuff REALLY helps!

Thank you,

Stephan Kesting

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