A new juice for Gracie Diet followers?

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As Grandmaster Carlos Gracie always advised, healthy Jiu-Jitsu practitioners should look to study the human body, how the organs and foods work together.

That’s what our newsroom chief, Luca Atalla, did, researching fruits and natural foods in recently-published books. After some experimentation, he put together some juices that are seemingly odd but that produce a great amount of energy. One of the latest he posted at the “Alimentação Gracie” (Gracie Nourishment) Facebook group, a helpful tool to keep up to date on the diet practiced by the hard-nosed family. Luca says:

“I just drank a whole blender full of coconut water; coconut, papaya, sweetsop, fig, açaí, and lychee pulp; and flax seed; sweetened with yacon syrup,” he wrote this morning, also recommending trying it with pure cacau and something called Peruvian apple. The mixture, he vouches, provides energy for a whole day’s work.

How about you, dear ready, do you have a recipe that helps you train better? Comment below. And keep up to date on all aspects of Jiu-Jitu by subscribing to GRACIEMAG here.

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