Hempo - 100% Hemp Gi

Product image 1Sensō Jiu Jitsu:Hempo - 100% Hemp Gi
Product image 2Sensō Jiu Jitsu:Hempo - 100% Hemp Gi
Product image 3Sensō Jiu Jitsu:Hempo - 100% Hemp Gi
Product image 4Sensō Jiu Jitsu:Hempo - 100% Hemp Gi
Product image 5Sensō Jiu Jitsu:Hempo - 100% Hemp Gi
Product image 6Sensō Jiu Jitsu:Hempo - 100% Hemp Gi

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The most comfortable and durable gi of our line.

Hemp fabric was used on the first Judo gis designed by Jigoro Kano and inspired by the Japanese firefighters' hemp jacket. The samurais also preferred hemp for being four times stronger than cotton, anti-bacterial and comfortable.

The Hempo is made with 100% natural hemp fibers (no dyes or bleach) and has light beige tone. It will last for years of intense training, aging beautifully and becoming more comfortable as time passes.

The jacket features a Coolmax lining inside the shoulders and on the inside waist. Coolmax wicks the moisture away from the skin making the gi drier and more comfortable during training. The pants also feature Coolmax on the gusset which also helps to reduce friction when moving your legs inside the pants making it ideal for guard players.

As with all our products you can always return for an exchange or refund at no extra cost and the shipping is free to the U.S.

Jacket: 550 GSM 100% natural hemp
Pants: 375 GSM 100% natural hemp
High-def embroidery
Elastic drawstring on pants
EVA collar

Featured athlete: Carlos Rocha

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