Why Your 1st BJJ Tournament isn’t about Winning – Nick Albin

One of the most common questions newcomers to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu have is, “How long should I train before I compete?”

And the honest answer to this is that there simple isn’t a magical 1 size fits all number.

There’s not an exact time that works perfect for everyone. It often varies depending on the person who starts BJJ training.

Often, what I tell me BJJ White Belts and beginners to do is formulate a simple BJJ game plan. Identifying at least 1 technique or series from each of the major basic Brazilian Jiujitsu positions.

These have to be good “go-to” moves that you can rely on when things get rough.

After this basic Bjj game plan is in place. Then you can start to consider a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament or competition.

I personally competed in my 1st BJJ tournament after 2 weeks of training. But I’m not a great example since I was involved in Wrestling first.

When I wrestled I was forced to get comfortable with competition.

If you’re a beginner or BJJ White Belt and you’re trying to figure out “When will I be ready for my 1st BJJ tournament” or “how long before I compete” . . .

I hope this video is helpful!

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