Why I started BJJ, My 1st Submission, Jiu-jitsu in Olympics – Nick Albin

In this video I answer random Brazilian Jiujitsu and personal related questions that I received. (mostly from Instagram in this one).

Most of these questions are a little more focused on my personal training and journey in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Hopefully you find the random questions and the answers to them entertaining or maybe a little bit useful for your training.

What got you started in BJJ?
In this section I talk about how I was interested in BJJ because I wanted to fight MMA. But then as I got into, there was a deeper reason why I continued.

What do you do to avoid pain in your beard for BJJ?
I typically use oils to moisturize my beard and this helps with it being pulled, or at least the pain associated with it. Hopefully this helps all you beards in BJJ guys.

Where do you think Jiu-jitsu is head in the future?
I’m honestly not sure where it’s headed. Many people want it to go to the olympics and I’m not so sure I’m for that.

What was your first submission in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?
I got an armbar against one of my tough training partners.

Also, the grey gis are on the way. I’ve been finalizing the design as well as testing all the gi out to make sure it’s good quality. Everything is looking good, and I will have the gis up for order soon.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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