Waste Less Energy with Escapes (Focus on Grips and Frame 1st) – Nick Albin

I’ve seen a lot of my White Belts struggle with escaping the modified Kesa Gatame position used in BJJ.

In this video I review a roll that was recorded by one of the viewers.

Our buddy Sean was rolling and got stuck in the Modified Kesa Gatame position and was unable to escape, eventually getting submitted.

So I show a couple of escapes from this Side Control style position and I also include tips to prevent the person from getting into a super strong position in the first place.

One of the biggest problems I see from a lot of newer BJJ practitioners is that they don’t settle down and really focus on getting good grips and position for their escapes.

Often I see White Belts and newcomers to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fidget and flail around expending a lot of energy but never actually setting up their escape.

So make sure that no matter what escape you use. Set your grips and body positioning up 1st before you make an attempt to get away from your opponent.

I also touch on another position from the video.

I hope all of the BJJ escape tips in the video are helpful!


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