(Video) Gordon Ryan Submits Ralek Gracie at Metamoris

As expected the 2017 ADCC champion Gordon Ryan had no difficulty in finishing the controversial Ralek Gracie at Metamoris challenge.

As a reminder Gordon Ryan – ADCC gold medalist in the 88kg division will be limiting himself to:

 I Will submit ralek with one of 2 moves in between 10 and 18 minutes. The 1st move being some kind of triangle and the second being a variation of an arm bar. Ralek will fall with one of these two moves between the time frame of 10 and 18 minutes.

Ryan pulled guard, easily swept and passed guard. He then took Gracie’s back and put him in a tight body triangle and then transitioned to mount. From there he moved to side control, and he finished the match with a reverse triangle getting the tap from Gracie around the 9th minute mark.

Gracie promised that the earnings from this PPV would go towards paying his mountain of debts towards all the past Metamoris fighters. The big question is, did he make enough to pay Ryan and all the other athletes?


Just like that it’s over…. #metamoris #jiujitsu #triangle


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The production value of Metamoris went down a notch…

#ryanvsgracie @metamoris

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Who am I?


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