Tips on Starting BJJ with a Pre-Existing Injury

Recently I’ve received a lot of questions from people who want to start BJJ and begin their journey into grappling. But they have some sort of pre existing injury or issue.

In this video I give a blanket response to anyone who wants to begin BJJ and has some sort of injury that concerns them.

As always, seek medical advice if it’s something that really worries you.

The basic advice I give in the video for beginning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is to avoid rolling for a while. In many cases, rolling will be the activity that injures you. While it’s the most fun it’s also the most dangerous and this is where most BJJ beginners will experience damage to their bodies.

My advice with your start in BJJ would be to initially to begin with just technique and drilling. This will allow your body to acclimate to the movements required for BJJ and to familiarize you with all the positions.

From there you can get an idea of whats going on and move towards rolling. And even with rolling I give some specific advice on how I would advise someone to do it when they are getting into Brazilian Jiujitsu with an injury.

Hope this video was helpful!

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