This Useless Fear of Losing Slows BJJ Progression – Nick Albin

From my experience as a White Belt and from what I’ve seen with my students. Often after the initial survival phase that begins at the start of someone’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training.

The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner often then enters a point where they begin to find an ability to maintain offensive positions for longer and longer durations. And while in these BJJ positions, opportunities begin to present themselves. But because of the inexperience of the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner and potential fear of letting go of the recently acquired comfort of the offensive position. They either miss the opportunity to secure the secure the submission or they are too afraid to pull the trigger and go for it.

This is the question I received from a Brazilian Jiujitsu White Belt, Jake, who is running into this very issue.

He’s finding that his defense has become good enough to afford him some comfort. But he is unable to really go after the submissions he see’s because of the fear of failing.

He believes that he needs for aggression to fill the gap in his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu abilities.

In this video I share how I don’t believe that added aggression is necessarily the issue. I believe it’s more of a problem with fear than sheer aggression that is hindering his growth and abilities.

I also attribute this point in his BJJ training to the natural progression of most White Belts who are trying to progress and “win.”

I hope the video is helpful to you with your training and being able to go after submissions or any technique for that matter, more effectively and without the encumbrance of fear or worry. Or at least, if it’s there you learn to cope with it better.


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