This is a Devastating Position for BJJ and MMA

What’s the most dominant position in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? In my humble opinion. I think it’s Back Mount.

Even more so I think the most dominant variation of Back Mount is when we have the person flattened out on their belly with our hooks in.

In a fight the person is literally helpless. And in BJJ whether it’s training in the gym or competitions we can attack aggressively for the choke.

In this video I answer a question for Mckenzie who is having trouble finishing from the Belly down back mount.

I show 2 different ways to approach finishing from this devastating position.

With both positions I show how to finish the rear choke. But I also talk about how the position could be used for a fight or match.

If you’re having a similar problem with your Back Mount in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Particularly when you find yourself in the belly down position.

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