Should You Keep or Remove Old BJJ Gym Patches?

What should you do with your old gym patches if you move to a new city and are training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at a new gym?

In this video I say that you will need to consult your instructor 1st and foremost. Because with some instructors. It can be a very sensitive subject with some BJJ instructors and coaches.

But along with that advice I share my personal philosophy on the idea of patches and why you should keep your old gym patches on your gi if you move. As long as you want to continue to be associated with that coach.

To me, BJJ coaches give a piece of themselves to their students through the physical exertion of training.

And I consider that a powerful thing. And because of that, as long as you still respect and value your previous coach, I see nothing wrong with paying homage to them and their teaching through the wearing of a patch.

In my gym I still have images of Renato Tavares inside our walls. Even though I am no longer a part of his affiliation. I have a great deal of respect for him. When I left the association he was very respectful and not even the slightest bit angry towards me. And I appreciate his understanding.

Along with that. I learned a lot from Renato and so I keep the images up in our gym as a reminder of where I came from.

So if you’re changing gyms, or moving, I hope this video is helpful in some way.

Btw . . . why couldn’t I say trenches that day. Haha.


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