Should Slams Be Allowed in Jiu-Jitsu?

I got this question from a student and he was saying “people on the internet were judging jiujitsu and saying it was not realistic because slams are not allowed what do you think?”

First of jiujitsu is a very realistic martial art and will work in a fight if you don’t believe this go try a class out for yourself. It’s been proven many of times I don’t have to back this up. I love all martial arts I’ve done boxing, kickboxing, capoeira, tkd, weapon defense classes, and more. They all have somthing of value that I could add to my game and someone very skilled at that martial art has the potential to be very dangerous. But I would put a someone who only practices jiujitsu against any other martial art any day of the week.

For someone to say it’s unrealistic just because you can’t slam means that person has no clue what they are talking about and have never went against anyone very good at jiujitsu.

In the gym you can’t slam so you can have training partners and get better. In a lot of tournaments you can slam just not certain ones(Garry tonnen vs palhares). It should be illegal for anyone below a purple belt just for the fact they are not proficient in the martial art just yet and they can forget and be seriously injured. Once you become a purple belt you should know how to defend or to let go of an opponent picking you up.

This is just what I think on the subject. What is your opinion on the slamming rules?

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