Roll Differently to be More Assertive for BJJ Competitions

Running out of steam in a BJJ tournament is not something that anyone looks forward too. Cardio is always an important factor for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitions.

But in addition to just having a high baseline of cardiovascular fitness is the management and expenditure of that energy, and the ability to keep pushing forward even when you think you’ve reached your threshold.

In this video I answer a question from one of our viewers who is worried about his cardio for upcoming BJJ competitions.

During his normal Brazilian Jiujitsu training he plays disciplined and conservative with his energy output. And in the early portion of rolling. He is on the defensive and isn’t able to be assertive on his training partners.

Overtime his opponents tire down and he comes back.

His worry comes from the fact that in a competition. He may only have 1 match. And he will have to win that BJJ match to stay in the tournament.

And if he isn’t able to be aggressive and assert himself on his opponent. He’ll get knocked out of the competition right out of the gate.

In this video I touch on the issue of being too conservative with energy and being a bit more liberal with it. And I start by simply saying roll differently to be more assertive.

Oftentimes, people will train with a mindset of saving some in the tank for the next round.

If they know they have another roll, they’ll wait and save some for later.

In my experience, if you’re trying to push yourself. You need to push past that and try to tire yourself out early. This way you get to that painful threshold.

That point where you feel tired and you don’t necessarily want to roll any further, but you keep going anyways.

I share other Bjj training related tips with rolling in the gym. Hopefully they’re helpful for you and your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training or competition preparation.


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