Rickson Gracie Faces 6x Russian National Judo Champ

Here is a rare footage of Rickson Gracie in a vale tudo challenge fight at the Gracie Academy. In this instance, he was faced by a fellow grappler and according to Rorion Gracie narrating the fight, his opponent is a 6x National Russian Judo champion with boxing experience. What would appear to be a very dangerous fight for Rickson is actually a pushover. The Judoka proceeds to turtle and gets finished by Rickson with a rear naked choke.

This is one of the many fights that comprise Rickson’s much talked about “440-0″ fight record.

Helio Gracie disputed Rickson’s claim to have had over 400 fights. According to Hélio, Rickson has only competed in fights that are commonly known and reported: the two against Rei Zulu and those that took place in Japan. Helio Gracie alleged that Rickson uses practice and amateur bouts to obtain a number over 400, and that if he counted his fights like Rickson does, he would have in excess of one million.

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