Renzo Gracie’s Cross Choke-Armbar Trap from Closed Guard

Learn how to apply Renzo Gracie’s cross choke-armbar trap from the closed guard.

It all starts with a cross grip on the collar and dropping the elbow to force a reaction. You then chain many options together

I put the hand in and immediately drop the elbow and make it heavy. He has to put his hand on my chest to keep his posture. That’s when I trap the hand and throw on the legs from the armbar.
We try to complicate by setting it up straight but if you start by going for a choke, and be elbow heavy, he will always react by pushing my chest and that’s when I hit the armbar.
If you use this (system) your guard game becomes hell!
In this video above, Renzo shows the whole process. Check it now and enroll to “Renzo Gracie – Mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.” at Gallerr.
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