Renzo Gracie On Why Many Grapplers Fail To Finish in The back

Many consider “the back” position the most dominant position in all of jiu-jitsu and are willing to give up any position to take the back.   “The Back” is considered by many the golden position, because your opponent cannot see what you are attacking with and you can take your time in setting up your attacks.

The problem is that many grapplers fail to maintain a tight back control and are often rushing to go for the finish and end up losing it all together.

Renzo Gracie’s favorite way to finish a fight is from the back and he stresses control before rushing to submit:

From the back, the most important is control. You have to make sure that your opponent’s back is touching your chest the whole time. So control first, get your hooks in, get a solid position.

Don’t just take the back and try to finish.

If you do that mistake, the odds are that out of 10 back positions, you will only finish 3 times…

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