Never Do This During BJJ Training In The Gym – Nick Albin

It’s really important to remember the delicate balance of emotions that exist on the mats during BJJ training. Especially after a Submission or successful technique is executed.

For every successful BJJ technique or submission you execute during Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training in the gym. It’s only possible because of the failure or mistake of your training partners.

Now, it’s not a terrible thing to make a mistake in Brazilian Jiujitsu. But ultimately, anytime we make a mistake. It doesn’t feel particularly good.

Just think of a situation when your were training and you failed. Again, it’s a great learning experience, but it doesn’t feel awesome.

So when you’re training at your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gym. Never make the mistake of being boastful about your wins during training. This is especially important to remember as a new BJJ White Belt when scoring a submission for the 1st time is super exciting.

So I hope this video is helpful with your BJJ training!

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