Losing is Learning in BJJ ( IF you do it right )

Have you ever almost won a match and then lost it? Maybe you made a small mistake or your opponent was able to catch you at the very end?

This is a situation our White Belt buddy Oscar is in currently. He was in his 1st BJJ competition and during his match he was winning. He said he was able to dominate the bulk of the match.

At some point during the match, his opponent yanked him down and he posted his hand incorrectly resulting in his arm being injured.

He says that this is super frustrating because he was WINNING! And then. . . he lost. His victory slipped through his fingers.

As I share in this video. I’m all too familiar with this sort of thing in my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu career. Both in training and in BJJ tournaments.

I’ve had countless matches where I made mistakes and experienced losing. Some mistakes cost my matches where I was up by a sizable lead.

I share 1 match in particular that was in 2012 when I was a Black Belt. I lost a match in the last minute when I was up 9 points.

I share how I used these ideas to make me better and how I bounce back from this loss to make my Brazilian Jiujitsu even better!

If you’re in the same situation as Oscar and are overcoming a tough loss. Whether this came from a BJJ competition or tournament. I hope this video is helpful!

Remember, Losing is learning in BJJ, but only if you do it right!

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