Lacking Motivation For BJJ Training?

Nick Albin: “The biggest thing that has helped me stay motivated for BJJ is to abandon the need motivation. Instead, just think of BJJ as something you do, rather than something you need to be motivated to do. I mean it’s amazing, you shouldn’t need that much motivation to do it right?

In the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. He talks about adopting the Lunchpale mentality to our creative endeavors which I believe is a great idea. Instead of waiting for the motivation or the spark to excite you. You just show up and do what you need to do, just like you would with a job.

It’s not sexy but it’s a smart approach.

I also share some other ideas that have helped me with motivation for my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training and I hope that they help you with your training. “

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