Krav Maga Unrealistic Against Real Life Hair Grab Attacks?

Krav Maga instructors suggest to strike when someone grab you by the hair, but everybody know very well that to punch with power, body posture and base has not to be compromised.

When someone grab you by the hair and your head is bend forward, backward or sideways is almost impossible to strike because your base and posture are broken. In this video you can see very clearly that trying to hit who is grabbing your hair is impossible.

In the real world, when a woman grabbed another woman by the hair, 90% of the time one or both of them are gonna fall to the ground and this is the reason why learning Brazilian jiu-Jitsu is imperative. In Krav Maga when a man grabbed a woman by the hair, 100% of the time she is gonna defende herself succesfully with strikes and never goes to the ground. Krav Maga demos are not realistic: the attacker is not giving the victim a realistic attack and the victim give the attacker an unrealistic response. Fantasy world is much nicer than reality.

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