Jon Jones on Joe Rogan Podcast: Alcohol, Partying & Career


Jon Jones is an American mixed martial artist and a two-time former Light Heavyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

He appeared today on the popular Joe Rogan podcast where he had some surprising revelations:

he used alcohol as a crutch.

“I had this crazy thing that I would do where I would party one week before every fight and I did it throughout my whole career. And it was stupid, but it was this mental crutch that I had.”

“I literally would, one week before every fight. I would go out and I would get blacked out wasted. And my logic was, if this guy were to beat me somehow, I can look myself in the mirror and say, the reason I lost is because I got hammered the week before the fight.”

About the Alexander Gustafsson fight:

“I trained for the fight, but I definitely had this thing where I felt invincible and I did a lot of wild stuff leading up to the fight. I definitely didn’t give it my all. Really partying, drinking, staying up all night.”

“My relationship with alcohol was never healthy, and I never went through a period in which I had a mature, healthy, responsible relationship with it.”

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