Japan’s Introduction To Judo For Western Viewers

This 15-minute Japanese film, narrated in English, is designed to offer western viewers an introduction to the Japanese art of judo, in which a practitioner is trained to use an opponent’s superior size and strength against him. The principles of judo are outlined as well as key techniques and training methods. A brief sequence shows the origin of judo in 1882 and sums up the differences between judo and an older art, jujitsu. We see an annual meeting of judo students and teachers, including many westerners, at the Kodokan Judo Institute. We see scenes of children training with each other, women training with each other, and westerners training with Japanese. Near the end we see clips from an actual match. The film ends rather abruptly. Nothing’s missing, that’s just the way the film was cut. This film was produced in 1984 by NHK.

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