Is BJJ a Fight or a Match ? ( Why I Changed My Mind ) – Nick Albin

Is BJJ a Fight or a Match? Specifically, are Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitions a fight or a match?

This is the question I’m tackling in this video today.

I thought this particular question was interesting since I used to believe the Brazilian Jiujitsu competitions were not fights, they were matches.

This was due to the bias I had as an MMA fighter and associated a fight to be something that involved striking.

However, as I got older and really thought about it, I realized that maybe my idea was a big off.

1 reason is that in Wrestling we called it a “fight without punches” and it was an absolutely brutal sport.

In addition to this, I’ve used grappling to defend myself numerous times in fight situations without the need for a punch, even when the option was there.

And when we look at the definition of a fight. One of them is a struggle. And I believe this idea of a struggle is much more representative of the idea of a fight.

Whether with strikes or not, BJJ, Boxing or MMA. It doesn’t matter. The result is that it’s a fight to overcome one another.

And BJJ is still a combat sport.

That said, I also share why I still don’t like to call BJJ competitions fights and still refer to them as matches. And why I never really liked the identity of “fighter.”

I hope you enjoyed the video. Please leave your comments below for a free gift!


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