I want to Compete in BJJ But I’m Overweight and Ashamed

Does your physical appearance bother you at all when you’re doing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, either in the gym or in competition?

Our friend, who wished to remain nameless, is having this issue. He isn’t comfortable with his physical appearance right now and it’s getting in his way with competing.

He says that he’s lost over 50lbs since starting BJJ. But he still isn’t comfortable. And he’s wanting to compete in bigger BJJ tournaments. But the big tournaments don’t allow people to wear rash guards or t shirts under their gi.

In this video I share experiences from my childhood when I was a fat chubby kid who had man boobs. And I had little to no confidence. My insecurity was so bad at one point that I developed a stutter.

I was in the same boat as Bob in regards to my overweight physical appearance.

Then I started wrestling, eating better food and lifting more effectively. By the time I got into BJJ. I was a successful wrestler and even had abdominal muscles showing. But. . . I still felt awkward with my shirt off in front of people.

So in the video I try to share how I overcame my awkward, insecure feelings with my clothing off and hopefully it will help Bob on his desire to compete at bigger BJJ competitions.


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