How to Use A BJJ Journal ( 5 Journals I Use for Jiujitsu )

Do you keep a BJJ journal? Do you think a Jiujitsu journal is a good idea?

If so what style of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu journal do you keep?

For me personally, I’m an avid journal keeper. I’ve had some ongoing journal since I was 18 years old. Both personal and Jiujitsu related. And over the years I’ve tried different styles of journals to document my experiences, training and just life in general. And the styles of journals I’ve had related to training have changed over the years through my journey from White Belt to Black Belt.

In this video I share some of the journals that I use currently use in my training and discuss some ways that might be useful for you in your own training.

One of the big things I discuss in this BJJ video is how I dislike keeping a Jiujitsu journal solely for BJJ techniques. Often over the years when I look back at these journals. I don’t really remember what I was talking about.

So one of the more important aspects I document in my BJJ journal is the experiences I have during situations like tournaments and competitions, great training sessions, and really any big experience that’s happening in my life related to Brazilian Jiujitsu.

I also use a journal to write down what BJJ drills I plan to drill during a practice. This helps me stay on task and make sure I hit my goals.

Anyways, you can watch the rest in the video. I hope it helps!

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