How to Sweep from Butterfly Guard when Half Guard Isn’t Working

Sometimes in BJJ the Half Guard just isn’t going to work and you’re going to need a different position to switch to.

This is the case especially if you have a good Half Guard. You’ll get known for having a good Half Guard and Half Guard Sweeps. And your opponent will begin to defend against it during rolling or a BJJ competition.

When this happens you have to find a different way.

In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training or competition. When someone is able to stop my sweeps or attacks from Half Guard. I switch off to Butterfly Guard.

Butterfly Guard links directly to Half Guard so it’s an easy switch as you’ll see in the video.

And along with that, it’s kind of a crossroads to multiple guard positions. From Butterfly Guard I can switch back to Full, X Guard, Spider Guard, Etc. With very little adjustment needed.

In this BJJ technique video I show what I like to do in Brazilian Jiujitsu when I am forced out of my Half Guard. I link this together with a really quick, simple and effective Over Under Sweep from Butterfly Guard.

I hope it’s useful.

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