How Hard Should You Roll With Different Belts/Experience? – Tom Davey

This is a very serious question and if you get it wrong. It will almost certainly impact your Jiu Jitsu game. Within a short amount of time and with consistent training you are going to be considerably better on the Mat than a brand new student. And sometimes, this may have you thinking that when you training with a new student, you ‘Take it Easy’. Perhaps you let them take position and you roll a little bit (or a lot) lower than your normal competence. This is a big mistake. Your body is learning all the time and you are just training your body and mind poorly for Jiu Jitsu. The aim is, therefore, to have the right pressure – to be good to your training partner. But deliberately, so you don’t miss the learning opportunity yourself. In this video, I discuss this issue in more detail.

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