Frustrated BJJ Student on the Verge of Quitting ( Falling Behind ) – Nick Albin

Have you ever been frustrated and wanted to quit BJJ? This is a situation a buddy of mine, Mike (who is a coach), is having with one of his students.

In the situation. There are two BJJ white belt students. Both have about the same training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu but yet one of the students seems to be flourishing while the other is having trouble at every turn.

This problem has recently become even more pronounced when one of the Bjj practitioners was bumped up to a higher skill level at a BJJ competition while the other stayed at the beginner level.

The White Belt student who was moved up to the intermediate level won 2nd place while the other lost again.

My buddy Mike who coaches Brazilian Jiujitsu and is a friend of mine. Was asking, “What would you say to a student who is in this spot and is on the verge of quitting?”

So in this video I try to address this sort of issue where someone is thinking about quitting.

Firstly, I would ask someone who is frustrated.

“Did anyone ever tell you Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was easy?”

And along with that, in this video I share some details about how I was in a similar situation, and have been many of times and how I’ve dealt with it.

Anyways, watch the video! I hope it helps!

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