Forget the Belt Promotion , Commit to Your BJJ Coach / Gym

What does time have to do with a BJJ Belt Promotion?

Our buddy Edward recently sent in a message asking for advice on the subject of what time has to do with belt promotions. He says that he has quickly become one of the best White Belts in his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gym after 4 months.

He’s wondering why his coach won’t promote him to Blue Belt.

He says he’s also considering leaving and going to train with his friend who’s a Purple Belt.

In this video I share how I would approach this situation as a Brazilian Jiujitsu coach.

I personally would not promote someone after 4 months. The reason for this is because I want to see commitment from the student and I want people to have time at the top of the pile in their belt level in BJJ.

Commitment is what is necessary to grow in BJJ. Motivation and passion for the martial art can come and go. But commitment is what you need to really stick with it.

And so the reason I believe time is important. 1 is that it helps gives the person more time to train.

But a big reason is that it shows commitment from the practitioner.

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