Female BJJ Pros Taking On Average Men: The Sad Truth

This documentary will address and finally put an end to the long-dreaded debate as to whether or not the untrained average male or trained female has the advantage in a mixed grappling (mixed wrestling) match. Stay tuned for the unfortunate reality. Is women’s self-defense legitimate? Do martial arts or training in: BJJ, Judo, Boxing, Sambo, Catch Wrestling, Greco Roman Wrestling, Freestyle wrestling, folkstyle wrestling, krav maga, muay thai, or muay boran have any merit when being used by the physically inferior, fragile, and delicate female? Can a female fend off a robust male who is strangling her? Do certain submissions require strength, or is it a matter of pure leverage? Do triangle chokes, rear naked chokes, figure four headlocks, headscissors, collar chokes, smothers and other submission holds require brute strength? Are they effective on physical giants? This documentary will address these questions. Testosterone does wonders for the human body and it is absurd to deny that the man will always have the physical advantage (unless he is disabled). Men are physically superior to the physically inferior woman, science proves this. Stick around for the analysis near the end of the video and be sure to share your opinions. Share this video with your friends, like or dislike the video, and subscribe for more content.

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