Danger of Setting Training Expectations (Blue Belt Not Progressing) – Nick Albin

Do you feel like you’re not progressing in BJJ like you should? Do you feel like you’re in the gym training but not making any headway?

This is the problem our friend who is a BJJ Blue Belt and is having an issue. He recently sent in a question asking for advice on how to deal with his progression in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and aggression during rolling.

In the video I don’t touch on the idea of aggression because it often gets used as a cure all for every problem many of the beginners. Whenever issues happen. Instead of fixing the technique issues, they just think they need to be more aggressive. Which is not the right idea I believe.

But during the video I do talk about the idea of setting expectations during Brazilian Jiujitsu training. And the idea that it’s dangerous to set them.

Setting expectations for BJJ training is the same as setting expectations for a situation that is not guaranteed.

It makes you focused on the fruits of your actions rather than the moment to moment action which is required to make progress happen during grappling.

So if you’re training Brazilian Jiujitsu and you feel like you’re not progressing like you should. Watch this video and I hope it helps!


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