Become Obsessed with Why (Overwhelm Competition Anxiety) – Nick Albin

High School Wrestling causes a lot of the same competition anxiety that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournaments do.

Our buddy Walker who is involved in Wrestling and also loves Brazilian Jiujitsu is having trouble with the anxiety and nerves. So much so, that he is questioning whether or not he should continue to Wrestle the next 2 years in High School.

In this video I give some tips that I learned through my own experience in Wrestling in High School. It’s mainly one idea that concerns finding your reason why. Why are you doing the thing you want to do?

Finding my Why has helped me in BJJ, Wrestling, MMA and several situations in life.

This video is a little long. But I tried to really give you a sense as to who I was when I was younger and how much I’ve changed. And how really holding onto an idea and making it almost an obsession can really change you.

So whether you’re having trouble with nerves, anxiety and stress from BJJ, Wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts. The video is relevant and I hope it helps you conquer your nerves.


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