Bait the Guard Pass for this Half Guard Sweep – Nick Albin

This is another BJJ Half Guard sweep that I use against the overhook. We are using the Regrip again against the overhook to protect against the Darce choke and to secure the arm for the sweep.

In a previous video I showed a Half Guard sweep against a person (possibly a Wrestler) doing an Overhook. You can see that sweep here:

When I’m able to get this low Half Guard position with the outside hook in Brazilian Jiujitsu. The Overhook is one of the most commonly used counters.

In some cases I can get under the person with my hips and sweep them.

However, people with strong bases will position themselves in a way where it makes that sort of sweep from Half Guard very difficult.

This is when I might switch off to this particular sweep.

When I use the Sit Out to Double Leg from the Half Guard, as I show in this video. It’s a counter move, or you might consider it a bait move. Meaning I’m countering something my opponent is doing.

These moves can be tricky at first and might require a little trial and error.

But when you use a good counter move in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu they are incredibly effective. They often make your opponent move right into the place you want them. Just think to your own training when someone baited you into something.

I like this move as it blends my Wrestling with my Brazilian Jiujitsu game. And I think it’s effective because it causes you to change gears. You’re going from Guard player on their back to coming up to a Double Leg style takedown.

I hope this technique is useful for you with your Half Guard in BJJ.

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