Athletic Tape vs Monkey Tape for BJJ Training (How to Tape Fingers)

Taping fingers is a pretty common thing in BJJ. It can be a valuable thing to save our fingers from aching after a Brazilian Jiujitsu training session.

I’ve had several questions regarding How to tape fingers and recently one of my students gave me a roll of Monkey Tape. Which is specifically for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and grapplers.

I’ve never used it before. But I figured I’d put it to the test with a light training session and then check it out later on during a heavy training session.

In this video I give a couple of ways I like to tape my fingers for BJJ and I include some silly stuff from our morning class and some clips from the rolling afterwards.

At the end after our BJJ training was finished I show how the ace athletic tape held up to the monkey tape.

All in all, it’s solid tape that compares to good quality athletic tape. I was satisfied with how it held up.

Thanks for watching!

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