AJ Agazarm has MMA Fight with Youtube Celebrity Jake Paul

BJJ world No Gi champion AJ Agazarm had an interesting experience this week: He fought Youtube celebrity Jake Paul in an MMA fight.

Jake said that fighting in an MMA fight was on his bucket list. Agazarm is a world class grappler and was a division 1 wrestler at Ohio State University. AJ has a 8-0 amateur MMA record.

Jake Paul is from Ohio and has some Wrestling experience and has 5,5 million Youtube subscribers.

Jake Paul in his own words:

WHATS UP?! Im Jake Paul.
Im 20, live in Los Angeles, & have a crazy life! Keep up :)
The squad “Team 10″ & I are always making comedy vids, acting, doing action sports, & going on crazy adventures.
I also play “Dirk” on Disney Channels Bizaardvark

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