4 Ways to Roll with Lower Belts in BJJ for BJJ Competitions Prep

Are you a higher belt in BJJ (Purple Belt, Brown Belt, Black Belt) and you’re wanting to train effectively with your training partners who are lower belts in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu?

This is this is the question that my friend Mike from northern Ky (one of my teammates). He’s a brown belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and wants to get more info on how to improve with his less experienced training partners.

I was in a similar situation in 2011 when I was a new Black Belt in BJJ and I wanted to make my students better while still preparing myself for competitions.

In this video I share 4 tips you can train with lower belts as a higher belt in Bjj to continue to develop yourself and prepare for competitions.

1. Do all the same BJJ techniques your normally do. Just do them to the other side. Oftentimes we consider 1 side of our game as our “weak” side. Well, if you use your techniques to that weak side. You can make it better so that it’s a comparable side.

2. Get the submission and loosen up. Getting to the point where you can fully lock the submission. Then loosen up and let your less experienced training partner so that you can transition to other submissions.

3. Don’t stop moving! Creating scrambles and moving constantly can be a great workout and cardio but can also boost your ability to scramble effectively when you compete.

4. Put yourself in bad spots against people that you are able to beat. Let them put you in their best positions, whatever they may be, and work from there.

Mike thanks again for the question. And for anyone else I hope this video helps!

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