30 Best No Gi Takedowns

Kyle Cerminara of Long Island MMA shows us 30 of his favorite take-downs:

1 Under hook Snap Down
2 Under Hook High C
3 Under Hook Knee Pick
4 Under Hook Knee Pick to Double Leg
5 Under Hook Wrist Duck Under
6 Under Hook Throw By to Single Leg
7 Under Hook Head inside High Single
8 Collar Tie To Post Double Leg
9 Snap Fake Touch Double Leg
10 Sling Shot Double Leg
11 Inside Trip 50/50
12 Arm Drag 50/50
13 Arm Spin 50/50
14 Fake High Crotch Single Leg
15 Fake Single High C
16 Elbow Raise High C
17 Misdirection Low Single
18 Wrist Pull Low Single
19 Same Side Collar Tie Ankle Pick
20 Opposite Side Ankle Pick
21 Misdirection Duck Under
22 Fake High C to Front Head lock
23 Front head To Cross Knee Pick
24 Head Pinch Head lock
25 Arm Drag to Fire man
26 Front head lock to Fire Man
27 Body Lock Shuck By
28 50/50 Foot Sweep
29 Body Lock Twist
30 Double Over hook Throw

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