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Here are 20 entries to the inside sankaku position for no-gi jiu-jitsu and submission grappling. The inside sankaku (inside triangle) position is perhaps the best position for finishing one of the most powerful submissions in all of grappling, the inside or “inverted” heel hook.Thank you very much to John Sanchez for helping with this video as well as my training partners at Veneration BJJ and 360 BJJ for putting me in positions everyday that force me to create new strategies. Also, a special thanks to my Brazilian jiu-jitsu professor, Dave Rosenmarkle as well as my other instructor, Scott Huston. I would also like to point out that while I have independently discovered potentially unique ways of achieving this position through empirical research, my approach to achieving (and even inspiration to achieve) this position is directly influenced by the groundbreaking work of the Renzo Gracie Academy, including Eddie Cummings, Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan, and of course, John Danaher. Without the priceless knowledge they’ve given us through their matches, tutorials, and interviews, it is likely that few, if any of us in the jiu-jitsu community, would be attacking the lower body with as much technical proficiency, and for that, we all owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.

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