2 BJJ Half Guard Drills and Entries (Underhook Focus) – Nick Albin

This video will be the beginning of an ongoing series of a Half Guard and Butterfly Guard series I plan to do. I wanted to go over some aspects of the Half Guard and Butterfly because many of you have asked me questions about it and you wanted to know more about my actual game.

So this is a break from the traditional Q&A videos and it’s me showing some cool Brazilian Jiu-jitsu techniques that will hopefully help you guys with your BJJ Half Guard and Butterfly Guard.

For me, this position works great for people who are a little stocky (like me) or if you’re in a situation against a bigger stronger person during a BJJ roll or competition match where you can’t lock the full guard around the body.

In this video I show two basic movements / drills to start with.
1. Half Guard Pummeling to get the underhook (which we will need for the style of Half Guard I prefer.

2. The second drill is a basic entry into the lower style half guard with the outside leg hooked. This will be the starting point for some future sweeps.

If you have any Half Guard or Butterfly Guard related questions. Please leave them below in the comments and I’ll throw them into the mix.

Also, with this video series. I’m trying to piece it together in a streamline form so that it will be helpful over the next few weeks. There is so much Brazilian Jiujitsu related information and it’s easy to get lost.

Hopefully by preparing these videos in a step by step format. You’ll be able to learn it more effectively and put it to use.


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