Wrestling Pin Setup for BJJ Guillotine Choke from Mount – Nick Albin

There are a lot of things from Wrestling that translate over to BJJ very well. In this video I show using a modified wrestling pin as a setup for the Mounted Guillotine Choke.

Over the years in BJJ, one of the many carry overs from Wrestling that I’ve seen pop up in my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is grips in the no gi.

In wrestling you have to learn to control someones body incredibly well. Because the objective isn’t to submit, but to pin the person. To hold them down.

There are also restrictions on these grips in Wrestling. In some cases you can’t even grab your hands together on the ground. This is to make sure that the match doesn’t stall out.

This forces the grappler in wrestling to adapt and become very good with their grips in order to control their opponent even when they can’t just grab their hands together and squeeze.

Many of the grips I used in high school wrestling and the freestyle wrestling I’ve trained in is the Chinstrap grip.

I use this damn grip all over the place. And it’s funny, I know very few Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners that do. Most of the time the only people I know who use this grip are those who really go after Guillotine Chokes. But it’s a very versatile grip that can be used in a multitude of places.

In this video I show how to use the chin strap grip with a half nelson wrestling pin to setup a BJJ Guillotine Choke from Mount.

I set it up off of a counter to the person’s underhook starting in the side control position. But again, you could do this a number of different ways.

I hope you enjoy the video and hope it helps!

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