Stop Gassing with Takedowns in BJJ

Gassing out with takedowns in BJJ is a really frustrating problem for many new grapplers. A lot of people who start training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu have done wrestling or Judo previously. So their takedown ability in BJJ is lacking.

In addition to this, many Brazilian jiujitsu gyms don’t practice rolling from the feet very often.

This leaves many people exhausted after only a few minutes of rolling from the standing position.

I received a question from one of the viewers on Youtube who watched a video and said that his problem is he gasses out when he’s working from the feet. And he wants to know how to improve his cardio so he can stop gassing out with takedowns in his BJJ training.

In this video I cover some basic ideas about how to improve efficiency so you get the most out of the gas tank that you already have.

I also cover a few tips on how to boost your cardio outside of the gym using interval training.

If you’re someone that is struggling with their take downs. I hope this video is helpful to you!


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