How to Submit Tight Arms from Mount -Nick Albin

What do you do from Mount when a person goes T Rex with their arms?

If you’re not sure what I mean by that.T Rex is when the person starts defending the Mount position by keeping their arms super tucked in tight. Which makes it hard to find the submission.

In this video I share a simple option I like using from the Mount position in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu when the person is keeping their arms tight.

I show the basic setup which is used to weaken their Mount escape by taking away their dominant arm. Then from there working on progressively isolating their arm to that it can be attacked.

Even if you’re not a fan of the Armbar. You can use the setup for numerous submissions from Mount in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Everything from Keylocks to Arm Triangle chokes.

Hopefully if you are struggling with finding the submission from Mount because of a person’s tight arm defense. The setup and technique in this video will help!

Thanks for watching!

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