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Effective Rear Naked Choke Finish (Hide The Kill Grip) – Nick Albin

Here are at least 3 effective tips to help you finish your Rear Naked Choke once you’ve achieved Back Mount in BJJ. I did this move in the No Gi, but it works fine in Gi as well.

The biggest problem for me when it comes to finishing the Rear Naked Choke in BJJ is the fact that once you’ve got the Back Mount. People become ultra defensive and will immediately grab the arm that you’re going to use to choke them.

Over the years I’ve struggle with this. Then there was one day when I was rolling with a big strong guy who had a traps up to his ears and didn’t have very much neck to choke.

In addition, he was really strong and would lock onto my arm and I found it really hard to get the grip to choke.

So on a spur of the moment decision during one of our rolls during a BJJ training session. I just pulled the choking arm out so he couldn’t grab it.

Then I lifted his chin.

And bam! I was able to finish the Rear Naked Choke.

I call this Flying Under the Radar with your grips. What I mean is, placing your body in such a way that you sort of mask your eventual intention.

Instead of getting a strong grip early and selling it too quick where your partner or opponent becomes aware of it. I try to hide the grip so that my opponent doesn’t become aware of it until the submission or BJJ technique is already underway.

I’ve also included 3 Rear Naked Choke variation that I’ve used in BJJ competitions and training over the years.

I hope all the details in this video help you hit the Rear Naked Choke more effectively in your Brazilian Jiujitsu training or future competitions.

They’re simple tips so they should be easy to implement.

Thanks for watching!

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