Ankle Pick Takedown for No Gi BJJ

I received several requests for a Ankle Pick for BJJ. So I wanted to cover it.

I’ve used the Ankle Pick for years. Starting back in High School wrestling as a teenager.

While I prefer the Ankle Pick in No Gi BJJ. I do use the Ankle Pick in Gi Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I just change the grips a bit since the kimono can get in the way.

It’s worth noting that I’ve been able to use this takedown in BJJ competitions and tournaments as well as regular everyday rolling.

In this BJJ technique video I show a really basic setup to the takedown. Touching on details about proper grips and body positioning. Then following the takedown I discuss arm positioning.

What I like about this takedown in BJJ is that it is effective and it doesn’t put someone at too much risk for things like Guillotine chokes. And if done right it’s a smooth technique and doesn’t rely on brute power.

So if you’re looking to at another takedown to the mix for your Brazilian Jiujitsu. Give the Ankle Pick a try.

Hope the BJJ video is helpful!

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