Yuki Kondo wins his 81st fight

At 34 years of age, Japan’s Yuki Kondo made it to his 81st career fight. The veteran was in action this Sunday at Pancrase, in Japan. On the occasion he overcame Takenori Sato by unanimous decision.

Kondo overcomes Cyborg. Photo: Susumo Nagao

Throughout his extensive career (51w, 23l and 7d), between victory and defeat, Kondo has faced opponents of the caliber of Jiu-Jitsu world champions Saulo Ribeiro, Gabriel Vella and Roger Gracie, and such MMA superstars as Paulo Filho, Tito Ortiz and Dan Henderson. Thus, he has seen action in nearly all the world’s biggest fighting events: Pride, UFC, Deep, Sengoku and his mainstay of Pancrase.

At a high point in his career, Kondo faced Wanderlei Silva in the Pride ring. The fighter was unable to secure the organization’s middleweight belt on the occasion. Check out the bout below:

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