Will Ribeiro-benefit seminar with Jorge Britto at Toronto BJJ today

One of Jorge Britto's MMA submission wins. Photo: MMAAuthority Magazine

At Toronto BJJ this Saturday, Professor Jorge Britto is holding an open house class and demonstration of his Jiu-Jitsu for anyone  from any academy to attend.

The goal is to raise money for his friend and WEC fighter Will Ribeiro.

This special seminar will be from 12pm – 2pm with all donations transferred to assist the injured fighter recovering from a devastating motorbike accident that left him with major head injuries and paralysis on one side of his body.

If you would like to help Will with his treatment, purchase of medicine, transportation, and other expenses for his recovery, please come to Toronto BJJ this Saturday and bring your Gi.

By making a donation not only will you get to learn from a Saulo Ribeiro Black Belt, but you will send much needed help to a our friend in Brazil.

We ask for a minimal donation of $10 but, really, it’s whatever you can bring.

Obrigado – see you on Saturday and share this with all your BJJ friends!

Want more details about Will? Check here:

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