Which was the submission of the year?

Anderson Silva, author of the submission of the year 2010, against Chael Sonnen / Photo: UFC

Year end is an appropriate time to review one’s mistakes, get on the right path, look back on the moments that marked you and that you would like to experience again.

Or as the Brazilian poet Drummond once wrote:

“Whoever it was that came up with the idea of cutting time into slices, giving the year a name, was one brilliant individual.

He industrialized hope, making it work to the brink of exhaustion.

Twelve months are enough to cause any human being to tire and give in.

Enter the miracle of renewal and it all starts up again, with a different number.

And a new urge to believe that from here on things will be different.”

It is also a period for revisiting the past. That’s why, who loves a good reader poll, is asking the following:

Which, to you, was the submission of the year 2011—with or without the gi? Dig through your memory, as they all count—from the IBJJF Worlds to the UFC. And let us know what the submission was that most impressed you.

Happy holidays and take care, on January 2 there’ll be training to do!

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